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Dify Group works since 2006 to empower and help artists and bands to manufacture, promote and sell their merch around the world.

Breakthrough technologies

We always try to innovate with new technological solutionsand new ideas thinking outside the box.

For artists / by artists

For artists / by artists

We are a team of true music industry professionals with more than 10 years of experience.

Close Relations with our clients

We create special bonds with our clients, trying to really understand their needs and help them to grow with us.

Attention to detail

We pay close attention to detail in everything we do, honoring proudly what around the world is well-known as “The French Touch”.

Dify Music

We are more than just a website, we are a team of true music industry professionals with more than 10 years in distribution and logistics. More than 3.000 bands / labels and 70.000 fans are already part of our community.

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Conflikt Arts

We manufacture more than 250 albums per month at the most competitive prices in Europe on cd and vinyl, and we have our own serigraphic workshop to deliver the most high-quality merch (t-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, etc…).

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Bandtiger is a revolutionary app that helps artists find, rate and share the best and worst music venues around the world.

Let’s improve our music scene together!
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Available for iPhone & Android

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Dify Records

We believe in creative talents that deserve a spotlight and we use our platform Dify Music to choose the stars of tomorrow and support them all the way to the top.

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Dify Rights

As music publishers, we will find the best placement opportunities for our artists in film, TV, commercials, video games & more.

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Dify Group is based in Châteaubourg, France

ZA, 17 bis La Gaudière,
35220 Châteaubourg
(+33) 02 99 92 89 05

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